Protect your Bottom Line from Slow Weeks

Drive without bad weeks forcing you to burn extra gas or take out payday loans

Belay takes the financial stress out of Uber.

“Guaranteeing my income without sacrificing my flexibility is a no brainer.”
Haileab Mered
Uber early adopter, Belay integration tester and early adopter

Step 1:
Connect your Uber account

We use your unique driving profile and driving history in combination with aggregate regional data to calculate your minimum weekly rates.

Step 2:
Lock in your rate and drive as you normally do

We don’t change how you drive or cash out. We simply remove the stress of slow days and cancelled rides.

Our one ask is that you maintain an 80% acceptance rate and keep UberX enabled.

Step 3:
Receive your top-ups on a weekly basis

If you make under your protected rate over the week, Belay pays you the difference.

That's it.


Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using Stable as a Belay member?

Stable provides a true income guarantee. If we guarantee you $X per hour, you will make at least that amount for your driving for the week. Tips, bonuses, and promotions are are money in your pocket on top of our protected rate.

On top of protecting you from putting excess wear on your car and extra cash into gas from driving extra, income protection means you're safer to rent to, to lend to, and to insure.

How does Stable pay out? 

Our protection pays out on a weekly cycle. Make less than guaranteed, and we'll pay you the difference the following Sunday.

Are you a rideshare service or employer?

No. We are an organization that helps Uber drivers run their own businesses.