Accident or disability? 
Driver's Club Replaces Your Income

Prepare for the unexpected and cover your expenses no matter what happens on the road
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Financial Security

Focus on getting back on the road and not on your finances

Total Protection

Receive $2,000 per month in disability or 3 months of rideshare-qualified rental reimbursement

Peace of Mind

An easy, surprise-free bi-weekly subscription

Driver's Club unlocks a necessary safety net

"With Driver's Club, I know my children and I will be provided for in case of the unforeseen."
Lashaun B.
Uber early adopter, Driver's Club member

Driver's Club welcomes entrepreneurs from all major rideshare and delivery services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a Driver's Club member?

Upon launch, members may enjoy the following benefits:
- 90 days of rental reimbursement in case of totaled car to enable you to generate an income
- $2,000 per month of disability income payouts for up to two years

Membership dues are $33 per month and are the only cost associated with coverage.

We plan to provide additional benefits including healthcare, tire discounts, maintenance discounts, and an exclusive credit-building gas card.

What role does Driver's Club play in attaining benefits?

Driver's Club is a demand aggregation business empowering rideshare and delivery workers to attain benefits otherwise available only at scale.

While Belay may receive compensation associated with the products described herein, nothing herein should be construed as any insurance product being offered directly through Driver's Club. All insurance products and related licensed activity are offered via Driver's Club's partner Bunker: a licensed broker.